Federal Manager's Daily Report

Los Angeles - April 2020: A USPS mailman wears a mask and gloves while carrying a load of parcels from a mail truck during the Coronavirus pandemic. Image: Kilmer Media/Shutterstock.com

The Postal Service remained the most favorably-viewed federal agency in a recent annual poll by the Pew Research Center.

In a poll conducted in late March, 91 percent viewed the USPS favorably versus only 8 percent unfavorably, with the CDC second at 79 and 16 percent, followed by the Census Bureau, 77 and 12, and HHS, 73 and 19. HHS gained 9 points in favorability since the prior similar poll last fall, while the numbers for the other agencies were about level.


Of the 10 agencies included in the poll, only ICE was viewed more negatively than positively, by 46 to 45 percent. That included the most significant difference by the respondents’ party affiliation, with 77 percent of Republicans holding positive views versus just 28 percent of Democrats.

Figures for other agencies in the poll: DHS, 71 to 24; Federal Reserve, 69 to 22; IRS, 65 to 29; VA, 65 to 22; and Justice, 60 to 34.

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