Federal Manager's Daily Report

The best way for the federal government to compete for and

retain top employees is by starting at the top and ensuring


that agency leaders are actively involved in the effort,

according to Marcia March, vice president for agency

partnerships at the Partnership for Public Service.

Marsh testified recently before the House civil service

subcommittee, saying: When it comes to improving the way

you compete for talent, laying the total responsibility for

the fix at the door of your human resources department is

like asking the budget office to spend your money for you

. . . Managers are responsible for resource management,

and HR and finance teams are necessarily partners in that

process. When problems exist in resourcing, they must be

management issues.”

Marsh said a key to successful hiring in the private sector

is that company leaders take direct responsibility rather

than compartmentalizing it as a human resources function.

Marsh drew attention to agencies that were “getting it right,”

by prioritizing human resources at the highest levels, holding

up as an example NASA, which streamlined its staffing

processes and asked Congress to grant it additional

flexibilities and workforce planning. She also cited the

Department of Health and Human Service