Federal Manager's Daily Report

A recent publication of the Senate Sergeant at Arms, the

Senate’s internal house-keeping and security agency, carries


productivity-improvement tips that are of general interest

to government managers.

While some of the tips are the same as can be found in many

such resources–make “to do” lists and prioritize tasks, tackle

the most difficult job first, and organize your workspace–some

fall outside the mainstream. For example, it advises not

allowing work to be interrupted by other people’s priorities

in the name of being a team player. “Learn to say no in a

polite but firm manner,” it advises.

Other suggestions it offers to create an “interruption-free

zone” include: put a sign on your door that tells others when

you can be interrupted, such as “available after 1 p.m.” and

don’t hold discussions in your own office. “Even if a discussion

starts in your office, move it to your co-worker’s. That way,

you can get up and leave when you’re ready,” it says.