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Most federal employees cannot afford the prohibitive cost of defending

themselves against potential threats to their career — proposed

discipline, complaints, grievances, investigations, civil lawsuits and

criminal prosecution.

That is why thousands of federal employees have turned to CareerGuard

Professional Liability Insurance, which pays the cost of experienced

attorneys to defend a policyholder against any of these actions.

Coverage is not limited to managers or law enforcement officers.

All full-time federal employees may enroll in this valuable coverage.

Check with your agency to see if you are eligible for 50% premium

reimbursement. Also, Payment may be made by several different options:

* Direct Deposit (payroll allotment – $11 per pay period)

* Direct Bill (quarterly, semi-annual, or annual)

* Credit Card

Contact Mass Benefits at 1-800-221-3083 or at

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to find out how their coverage and payment options

may be more suited for you.