Federal Manager's Daily Report

Agencies have issued bi-annual review plans identifying recently completed initiatives to identify rules on the books with outdated requirements or unjustified costs as well as outlining what they are working to accomplish on retrospective review over the next year, OMB has said.

The initiative flows from a 2011 executive order telling agencies to identify outdated and duplicative regulations and to modify or eliminate them where possible. Efforts are focused on: reducing regulatory and compliance burdens for state and local government; reducing regulatory burden for industry, with a focus on flexibility for small and new businesses; regulatory modernization; and identifying areas with regulatory gaps or where regulations need to be strengthened.


For example, the SSA is developing an online application for replacement Social Security cards and HUD is working on rules to make a housing voucher system more flexible and reduce administrative burdens involved with processing requests.

“Federal agencies have also recently submitted to OMB written plans for stakeholder engagement. The goal of these plans is to get input on promising themes and specific targets for review and reform from parties with a stake in regulation,” Howard Shelanski, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, said in a blog post.

He cited as an example the Labor Department’s “IdeaScale” website that allows individuals to submit their own recommendations for retrospective review and to vote on others.