Federal Manager's Daily Report

Democratic leaders on civil service issues have consolidated into one measure (HR-2662) nearly a dozen previously introduced proposals regarding agency IGs and have paved the way for potential approval soon through the House by holding a hearing.

The new measure includes prior bills to strengthen authorities of IGs by: granting them the authority to subpoena witnesses who are not currently government employees for testimony; requiring them to notify Congress if agencies deny access to requested information; and authorizing the Department of Justice IG to investigate wrongdoing by department attorneys instead of deferring to the department’s office of professional responsibility.


Also the bill would increase protections for IGs against interference by agency management by: allowing an inspector general to be removed only for cause; requiring that Congress to be notified before an IG is placed on non-duty status; and requiring that someone appointed as an acting IG be an existing IG for another agency or be serving as senior staff in an Office of Inspector General.

It also includes several proposals related to operations of IG offices in general, including to expand whistleblower trainings to IG employees; require notification to Congress and CIGIE of an IG’s ongoing investigations when an IG is placed on non-duty status; and provide a single appropriation for the central IG council, the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency Integrity.

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