Federal Manager's Daily Report

A bipartisan bill (HR-2227) newly introduced in the House aims to accelerate the government’s transition to state of the art IT including cloud computing, while also strengthening information security.

Four-fifths of agency IT spending goes to maintain systems that in many cases are outdated, say sponsors, who argue that it makes more sense to move toward more current systems that do not need as much upkeep and that are more secure from cyberattacks.

Under the bill, agencies would have access to a working capital fund–which includes money that otherwise would have been spent on maintaining legacy systems–available for streamlining IT systems and transitioning to cloud computing, among other purposes. The money would be available for three years, which “eliminates the traditional use-it or lose-it approach that has plagued government technology for decades,” sponsors said in a statement.

In addition to its bipartisan sponsorship, the bill has drawn the immediate support of the White House and industry trade groups.