Federal Manager's Daily Report

The skills assessment survey included several recommendations:

Groups such as the CIOC workforce and human capital for IT


committee should work with the OPM human capital leadership

and merit systems accountability division as well as the

chief human capital officers council, to develop a government

wide IT workforce strategic human capital plan — using the

CCA survey results as a point of departure.

The CIOC IT workforce committee should also work with OPM

to develop an integrated IT workforce career development

program — parts of the program already in development

include the IT workforce development roadmap, the IT exchange

program, and mentoring programs, and those parts should be

integrated into a more cohesive whole.

Agencies should come up with a way to identify areas of

expertise and through knowledge management strategies, ensure

that the expertise and knowledge of the departing workforce

does not leave with them.

Agencies should convert all remaining Computer Specialists,

GS-0334s, to the

Information Technology Management, GS-2210 series. Converting

the remaining Computer Specialists to the appropriate

parenthetical titles within the IT Management series will

provide a more accurate reflection of the federal IT


The survey and survey analysis are available at cio.gov,

under IT Workforce HR.