Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Justice Department IG has recommended strengthening the insider threat detection program at the FBI, where it said protection of classified information is especially vital.

The agency established a program in 2014 in response to a 2012 executive order setting standards for agencies to use in such efforts, which are aimed at preventing both intentional and unintentional disclosures.

The report found that the FBI has made much progress toward meeting those standards, including by improving internal communications and developing analytical tools to identify and coordinate investigations into potential internal threats.

However, it made recommendations including that the FBI track and report on performance metrics; ensure that leads and referrals are handled and monitored in a systemic way; inventory its networks and other IT assets and designate a component responsible for maintaining each; and assess whether to expand psychological evaluations of job applicants and current employees.

Management concurred with the recommendations and the IG said it considers them resolved.