Federal Manager's Daily Report

A report from the National Academy of Public Administration lists some two dozen recommendations for OPM although notably not endorsing dividing the agency into OMB and GSA as the Trump administration had pushed.

The study was part of the fiscal 2020 defense budget bill that prevented the Trump administration from spending money to carry out the reorganization plan pending an overall assessment of OPM. Had President Trump been re-elected, it likely would have served as a focal point of a debate over whether to carry out that plan.


The Biden administration is virtually guaranteed not to pursue a major reorganization of OPM but the report does list numerous potential reforms for it to consider. These:

*  “Reaffirm and broaden OPM’s role as an independent entity and leader for federal civilian human capital management and reinvigorate strategic human capital management” through steps such as changing the law to emphasize OPM’s primary role and setting qualifications requirements for top OPM officials.

*  “Reorient OPM’s policy development approach toward a proactive, systematic model that streamlines the federal human capital management system” through steps such as a greater focus on innovation and lessons learned rather than on compliance.

*  “Enable and realize the untapped potential of federal human capital data and data analytics as key drivers and assets in strategic human capital management” through steps such as modernizing employee records and the IT behind the federal retirement program.

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