Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Trump administration has released its latest quarterly report on progress toward achieving the cross-agency priority goals under the President’s Management Agenda, with several new or planned upcoming reports.

The performance.gov site now includes customer experience pages listing agency efforts to improve customer experience, including feedback data, operational data and digital analytics program data “to increase the transparency and accountability” of 25 of the government’s “high impact service providers.”


Also now available is infrastructure permitting data documenting “progress toward improving the complex permitting and environmental review processes for major infrastructure projects.” A dashboard is now tracking 23 major infrastructure projects including in surface transportation, aviation, renewable energy, conventional energy, water resources, ports and waterways, and pipelines.

Ahead is a “burden reduction” report showing how agencies “are shifting resources from outdated and redundant requirements and processes to accomplishing mission outcomes. They’ve delivered results, reporting more than 100 initiatives that collectively represent billions of dollars in realized and anticipated savings and hundreds of thousands of full-time equivalent hours shifted to higher-value work.”