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The Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act of 2010 has been only “somewhat successful,” says a Senate report in support of a bill (S-4167) that has been readied for floor voting.

That law required regular strategic reviews of each agency’ performance goals and increasing the amount and quality of data posted on performance.gov, the central website to track both agency-specific and government-wide performance. However, the report says that GAO reports and congressional hearings have shown that “there are still longstanding challenges in effective execution of federal performance priorities.”

The bill would make changes to the law including: requiring that priority goals be tied explicitly to the President’s budget and have milestones that can be achieved within a single presidential term; requiring one or more agencies be designated as federal government priority goal leaders, improving capacity and expertise for agency performance improvement officers, and ensuring agency performance goals are supported by evidence-building activities.

It also would put into law the review process OMB has used to ensure routine assessments under the Results Act; add new requirements for the performance.gov site including preservation of information from prior administrations; and establish the position of deputy performance improvement officer in agencies.

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