Federal Manager's Daily Report

Retirements and other forms of turnover fell in fiscal 2020, according to numbers newly released by OPM reflecting that full year ending last September.

Total turnover among executive branch agencies—excluding the Postal Service and intelligence agencies, which the database does not include, and also excluding inter-agency transfers—was just above 150,000, compared with a range of 200,000-210,000 in the prior five years.


In each year the largest category was quits, which fell to just below 57,000 compared with a range of about 73,000-83,000 previously. Retirements meanwhile fell to just below 53,000 in 2020 compared with a prior range of about 62,000-67,000; the number of retirements was the lowest since 2010, when they also were just under 53,000.

As in prior years, voluntary retirements accounted for the large majority, around nine-tenths, with disability retirements accounting for most of the rest, and early retirements and mandatory retirements making up the remainder.

“Terminations” also fell, to about 38,000 from a range of about 53,000-59,000 over the prior years; in all those years the end of a time-limited appointment accounted for the large majority. Removal for disciplinary reasons stood at just above 10,000 in 2020, in line with the prior range of 10,000-12,000.

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