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The Biden administration has announced a review of the basic policy on collection by federal agencies of statistics on race and ethnicity.

A blog posting on the OMB site says that “much has been learned” in the 25 years since issuance of OMB Statistical Policy Directive No. 15, which sets standards designed to make such data comparable across agencies and help agencies evaluate how well they are serving different populations.


“Our review will make use of that knowledge, including the work of the previous OMB-chartered interagency working group for research on race and ethnicity and the work of the equitable data working group. This review will also allow the public and federal agencies to offer new perspectives, as relevant, to inform the revisions,” it said.

Steps are to include convening an interagency technical working group of career federal employees who represent programs that collect or use race and ethnicity data, which will solicit public stakeholder input and then report to the office of the Chief Statistician of the U.S. for a recommendation to OMB.

That group is to be convened in the coming months and the time required for the next steps produced a goal of completing revisions by mid-2024.

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