Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Department of Energy has announced the launch of

Science.gov 2.0, an online database of over 47 million


pages of government R&D results.

The site pools science and technology information throughout

federal organizations and allows users to search across 30

databases and 1,700 websites — providing access to the

“deep web” of the Internet — such as research databases,

as well as more topical material.

“Using a metasearch technology, Science.gov 2.0 brings the

30 largest of these databases together and makes them

searchable via a single query,” said DoE.

It said the site is hosted by its Office of Scientific and

Technical Information and was made possible through

collaboration with the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce,

Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services and

Interior, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency,

the Government Printing Office, the National Aeronautics

and Space Administration, and the National Science

Foundation, with support from the National Archives and

Records Administration.