Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Secret Service has taken some steps to address “a number of longstanding workforce issues, such as low employee morale and retention issues” but more still needs to be done, GAO said in a blog.

“For example, the agency has worked to determine root causes of employee morale problems by analyzing employee survey results using techniques like comparing demographic groups, benchmarking against similar organizations, and linking findings to action plans. Additionally, officials have established and tracked metrics for improving low employee morale, and begun to provide regular performance feedback,” it said.

However, GAO said its recent work showed that while the agency: had taken steps to establish a strategic workforce planning process for its IT workforce, its CIO office had not determined the number of IT employees it needs to support the office’s functions; had implemented recruiting and hiring plans, it had not established and tracked metrics for monitoring the effectiveness of recruitment and hiring activities for its IT workforce; is developing a training program for its IT employees, it had not yet defined required training for them; and had established and tracked metrics for improving low morale, it had not demonstrated sustained improvement in the morale of its IT staff.