Federal Manager's Daily Report

An IG report has found no issues with physical security at three Energy Department sites, saying they generally “were in compliance with relevant regulations over maintenance and testing of their intrusion detection and alarm systems.”

Physical security is a high priority concern at Energy sites, the report said, since they have some of the nation’s “most complex and technologically advanced programs, including cutting edge work in basic and applied sciences, environmental cleanup, and nuclear weapons stewardship.” Auditors reviewed compliance with the department’s standards for physical security, including for intrusion detection and alarm systems and for maintenance and testing of those systems.

“Nothing came to our attention to indicate that the department had not managed the maintenance and testing of intrusion detection and alarm systems effectively and efficiently at the three sites reviewed,” the IG said.

The report however did recommend that one site better collect and analyze false alarm and better document corrective actions when problems are identified in testing, and that another site improve close-out procedures related to security work orders.