Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee has unanimously

approved postal overhaul legislation sponsored by Chairman


Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del.

The bill repeals a provision requiring that money owed to

the Postal Service due to an overpayment into the Civil

Service Retirement System fund be held in an escrow account.

The provision would free up $78 billion over 60 years which

would represent a means to pay off debt to the Treasury and

fund health care liabilities as well as prevent large rate


The bill also shifts the responsibility of paying military

service related CSRS pension benefits to the Department of

the Treasury — something no other federal agency is required

to do, said the statement.

The legislation gives the USPS board of governors authority

to set rates for competitive products, gives the postal

regulatory commission power to increase prices during

emergencies like the anthrax attacks, and authorizes USPS to

cut deals with mailers whereby mailers do some of the work.

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