Federal Manager's Daily Report

Legislation (S-1358) has been introduced in the Senate with bipartisan support to authorize an increase in Customs and Border Protection  positions, including adding 600 more officers each year above current planning, plus related support positions.

In recognition that prior initiatives to boost CBP staffing have not met their goals, the new measure would require that GAO review and report to Congress on the reasons for falling short in any year.


Also slated for increases, of several hundred employees each, would be Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Executive Office for Immigration Review.

Meanwhile, another new bipartisan bill in the Senate (S-1353) seeks to help the government recruit employees with skills in artificial intelligence by providing scholarships in exchange for commitment to work for the federal government for a period equal to the scholarship term in the AI mission of a federal agency.

The bill would also provide internships or other work experiences to scholarship recipients and place them in federal and other government positions after graduation.

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