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The committee also approved S-3635, to expand the President’s Cup Cybersecurity Competition. Image: Katherine Welles/Shutterstock.com

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has approved S-3626, to extend contracting standards to agencies across the federal government that the Department of Defense received under previous legislation. “The bill will slim down the procurement process for contractors bidding on work as well as for the government, ensuring necessary due diligence is done while allowing awards to be made faster and to a wider array of contractors, including small businesses,” a statement said.

The committee also approved S-3635, to expand the President’s Cup Cybersecurity Competition, a national competition conducted by DHS to train, identify, recognize and reward the best cybersecurity talent in the federal workforce, to add categories on operational technology and industrial control systems, “which have previously been overlooked in the cybersecurity world despite their importance,” it said.

Also approved were:

* S-3613, to require facility security committees in federal buildings to formally consider and respond to security recommendations from the Federal Protective Service, following a GAO report finding that less than a tenth of such recommendations are fully implemented and above half never even get a response.

* S-3654, to require the timely appointment of agency transition officials, to ensure adequate performance and oversight of required transition-related preparation, and to require new guidance for agencies and possible transition teams.

* S-3594, to reduce duplication in government contracts to build software by requiring agencies to publicly list custom code they make or buy and share that code with other agencies.

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