Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is set to consider this week a range of agency management-related bills, keeping alive prospects that at least some of them will be enacted into law during the current Congress, or laying the groundwork for the new Congress convening in January.

Several of the bills already have passed the House, including: HR-2196, to expand the individuals to whom a whistleblower may make protected disclosures to include the whistleblower’s supervisors or officials designated to receive such disclosures; and HR-1132, to bar political appointees from being hired into a career position in the civil service for two years after leaving the political position.

Other bills set for consideration include:

S-3137, to create a fast-track procedure for Congress to consider agency reorganization proposals that require changes in law.

S-3208, to allow agencies to exclude from bargaining certain decisions related to cybersecurity.

S-3085, to establish a Federal Acquisition Security Council and to mitigate supply chain risks in IT procurement.

S-3437, to establish an interagency rotational program for cyber workers for assignments generally between six months and one year.

S-3251, to amend the Federal Acquisition Regulation to require agencies to consider rentals rather than purchases of equipment in certain circumstances.