Service to America Medal Winners Announced

Three members of a joint EPA-Justice Department team involved in detecting an auto maker’s efforts to circumvent emission standards, Phillip A. Brooks, Byron Bunker and Joshua H. Van Eaton, have won the Federal Employee of the Year award of the annual Service to America Medals, or Sammies.

Other winners in the program sponsored by the Partnership for Public Service:

Timothy P. Camus, IRS—Homeland Security and Law Enforcement Medal for combatting IRS impersonation scams.
Alex Mahoney, AID—National Security and International Affairs Medal for emergency response in Syria and Iraq.
Flora M. Jordan, Marine Corps—Promising Innovations Medal for innovations in body armor.
Courtney Lias and Stayce Beck, FDA—Management Excellence Medal for expediting approval of technology that automatically regulates blood sugar levels of those with diabetes.
Tedd V. Ellerbrock, CDC—Career Achievement Medal for work on a program providing medicine and assistance to those with HIV/AIDS worldwide.
Rory A. Cooper, VA—Science and Environment Medal for innovations in wheelchair technology including robotics.