Federal Manager's Daily Report

The SES ranks grew slightly in 2016 over 2015, crossing the 8,000 total for the first time since 2012 as the number rose from 7,982 to 8,156 at the fiscal year’s end, new OPM data show.

Most of that growth resulted from an increase in career SES, up from 7,144 to 7,321, while the total of political and other types of appointees held about steady. By agency, the largest numbers of SES members at Justice, DHS, Energy and DoD.

The average age was 54.3 and average length of service was 21.9 years, both virtually flat over the last five years; the percentage of women, 35.45 percent, was up by 2 percentage points over that period. Average salary increased from $166,025 to $172,576.

Almost all SESers who leave do so for retirement–only 25 have been discharged over the last five years and none were RIF’d.