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Among bills recently advancing in Congress are:

* The Senate passed S-442, to require the GSA to ensure that public buildings are using the most life-cycle cost effective and energy-efficient technology to the extent practicable when performing normal maintenance, or altering or constructing public buildings.


* The Senate passed S-4057, to require the GSA and OMB to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for management of batteries in the federal electric vehicle fleet, to include guidance to agencies on maximizing longevity of batteries in those vehicles and on how to reuse and recycle retired batteries.

* The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a State Department authorization bill (S-4653) including provisions of a previous separate bill boost professional training programs at the department with a focus on courses, methods, programs and opportunities with a clear link between required employee training and promotional opportunities and assignments.

* The House passed HR-1456, which raised to GS-7, step 5 the deemed salary rate used for Peace Corps volunteers who qualify for Federal Employees Compensation Act benefits.

* The House passed HR-1468, to put in law the GSA’s authority to lease space on behalf of the SEC, revoking that agency’s independent authority after controversies over several leases the SEC issued under that authority.

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