Federal Manager's Daily Report

The House has passed several government management-related bills:

HR-2227, giving agencies access to working capital funds for IT purchases, including transitions to cloud computing and security enhancements, rather than maintaining legacy systems.


HR-653, extending workplace protections such as anti-discrimination laws to interns working for federal agencies.

HR-195, limiting the distribution of free printed copies of the Federal Register to members of Congress or federal offices unless specifically requested.

HR-194, requiring GSA to set guidelines for more efficient management of mail by federal agencies, and to set goals for federal records management.

Meanwhile, the House Veterans Affairs Committee has approved: HR-1461 to prohibit any VA employee from being on official time more than 50 percent of the time, prohibit physicians and dentists from being on official time at all, and to bar other employees involved with direct patient care or who are paid at the GS-13 rate or higher from being on it more than 25 percent; HR-1662, to prohibit smoking in any facility of the Veterans Health Administration; and HR-467, requiring each VA medical facility to certify annually that it is complying with laws and rules relating to scheduling appointments, and if not in compliance to describe actions being taken.