Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has approved:

S-2722, to place further restrictions on advertising and public relations spending by federal agencies, including new limits on those that do not disclose that the agency is the source or are misleading regarding the source, that are designed to aid a political party or candidate, or that “emphasize the importance of the agency or activity in question.” Also further restricted would be giveaway items whose purpose is to promote an agency, program or political agenda.


S-3412, to require that agency guidance documents include a statement that the document “is intended only to provide clarity to the public regarding existing requirements under the law or agency policies and does not itself have the force of law and is not binding on the public.

HR-4761, already passed by the House, to require CBP to ensure that chemical screening devices are able to identify synthetic opioids in an operational environment at a purity level of 10 percent or lower, or provide ports of entry with an alternative method for identifying narcotics at lower purity levels, a response to an IG report finding that some devices at CBP are unable to detect purity below 10 percent.

HR-4739, also already passed by the House, to require CBP to issue policies on the handling of substances which could contain synthetic opioids, require that personal protective equipment and the antidote Naloxone be available in all areas of high risk of potential exposure and that employees receive ongoing training in their proper use and the risks of exposure.

Meanwhile, the House Veterans Affairs Committee has approved S-3084, passed by the Senate, to exclude SES-equivalent health care positions at the VA from an existing pay cap with the intent of improving the department’s ability to recruit and retain in such positions; and HR-6036, to extend the paid parental leave authority to begin in October to Title 38 VA medical personnel.

Coronavirus Funds Sought for Telework, Overtime, Hazard Pay

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