Federal Manager's Daily Report

A Senate report on three partial government shutdowns of recent years says that beyond the costs, they have substantial impact on agency operations, their employees and services to the public. Based on information provided by agencies, it says that impacts of the late-2018 to early 2019 partial shutdown included:

* The Department of Justice canceled 60,000 hearings for non-detained aliens.


* DHS delayed maintenance of facilities, “which had a serious impact on law enforcement officer operations and safety, including at the border. The lack of these critical maintenance and repair services endangered the lives of law enforcement officers and created significant border security vulnerabilities.”

* The Consumer Product Safety Commission suspended efforts to keep potentially unsafe products off the market. CPSC import surveillance activities were suspended and the agency was unable to carry out duties such as facilitating product recalls and informing the public of risks posed by certain consumer products.

* The FAA furloughed most of its aviation safety inspectors who are responsible for the certification of new aircraft, as well as for the oversight of pilots and aircraft maintenance.

* The National Park Service “was unable to provide adequate daily maintenance at certain parks, resulting in trash buildup, vandalism, trespassing, and destruction of the natural environment at those parks.”

* OPM suspended suitability investigations required for political appointees and others in positions of public trust, incurred more than $170,000 in canceled travel costs, and delayed more than a dozen acquisition actions.