Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Social Security Administration and its IG office have started a new joint effort against scams using impersonation of agency employees by capturing more data with the goal of reducing incidents that an announcement said have “skyrocketed over the past year to become the #1 type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission and the Social Security Administration.”

The IG will use a new online reporting form to capture data that will be analyzed for trends and commonalities that it will use to identify investigative leads, “which could help identify criminal entities or individuals participating in or facilitating the scams. Ultimately, these efforts are expected to disrupt the scammers, helping reduce this type of fraud as well as the number of victims,” the announcement said.


The agency is encouraging the reporting of phone scams including robocalls and live callers, as well as email, text, and in-person scams. The form allows people to create a personal identification number so that if the IG itself contacts persons about their reports, they will know the call is legitimate.

Other agencies commonly targeted in impersonation scams include the IRS, DHS, the Postal Service and even the FTC itself.