Federal Manager's Daily Report

or fiscal 2003, the Office of Management and Budget and federal

agencies identified 223 violations of the Paperwork Reduction


Act, requiring agencies to obtain approval from the Office of

Management and Budget before collecting covered information,

the General Accounting Office has found.

It said OMB could do more to curb the paperwork burden by

promoting the practices used by agencies with good compliance


A recent OMB report trumpets its progress in reducing

paperwork, and its Office of Information and Regulatory

Affairs stated that specific agency actions were responsible

for 53 million fewer hours of paperwork, reflecting OMB’s

zero-tolerance policy toward violations.

However, agency initiated actions do not account for most of

the reduction in paper work over last year, which is

attributable to actions occurring outside of agencies’

control or as a result of re-estimates of current paperwork

requirements, leaving room for OMB and agencies to take the

initiative in reducing paperwork, said GAO.



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