Federal Manager's Daily Report

Nine-tenths of federal employees in a survey said that their agencies put “at least some” emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusiveness and equity—a Biden administration priority in the federal workplace and elsewhere–but they “see a gap between agencies’ intentions and actions, especially at supervisory and team levels.”

A survey of more than 500 federal employees by the Eagle Hill consulting firm said that 54 percent further said their agency put “a great deal” of emphasis on DEIA, including 57 percent of supervisors who said so.


However, it said that while 57 percent said that senior leaders demonstrate commitment to DEIA, just 44 percent said the same of their supervisor, just 35 percent of their colleagues and just 31 percent of HR officials.

“Our research indicates that while federal agencies recognize the importance of DEIA, they have yet to create environments where employees have what they need to embody DEIA in their actions,” a summary said.

It added: “In line with the recent Executive Order and OPM guidance, federal agencies are taking steps to revisit hiring and employment practices, conduct assessments, and develop strategic plans. Budgetary constraints and competing priorities can make it challenging for agencies to go beyond complying with minimum requirements.”

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