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U.S. Attorney’s offices have taken a range of approaches to telework in the “reentry” environment, resulting in different views by assistant U.S. attorneys of management, a survey has found.

The survey of some 600 assistant U.S. attorneys by the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys found a tenth of the nearly 100 U.S. Attorneys offices have either eliminated telework or now allow it only on an ad-hoc basis, while about three-tenths allow it less than four days per pay period.


Said the NAAUSA, “The contrast in attitudes between AUSAs in offices with flexible policies and AUSAs in offices with limiting policies is stark. AUSAs in offices with limiting policies feel as though their office is moving ‘backward in time’ and note the impact of soaring gas prices, inflexible supervisors, and unreasonable expectations on overall job satisfaction and morale.”

“AUSAs in the offices providing flexible, two days a week telework policies report feeling respected and trusted by their supervisors. AUSAs in these offices also report being more productive and having an improved work-life balance. We commend the U.S. Attorneys that have chosen to adopt a flexible policy that identifies the modern working environment,” it said.

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