Federal Manager's Daily Report

Three-fourths of federal employees say their agency has core values but only 55 percent say the organization’s policies align to those values, according to a report by the Eagle Hill consulting firm, which conducted the online survey.

Similarly, only 46 percent agreed that the way the organization advertises itself aligns with reality, with the numbers who disagree and the numbers who were neutral about split among the remainder in each case.


When asked to identify active aspects of their agency’s culture, 63 percent cited teamwork/collaboration, 62 percent good customer service, 55 percent diversity/inclusion. The least-cited were innovation by 31 percent, sustainability/environment by 35 percent, and motivation/will to succeed by 42 percent.

As in the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, the survey showed that employee trust in management declines with ever-higher levels of supervision, with 61 percent saying they trust their direct supervisor but only 38 percent saying they trust their agency’s senior leadership—which slightly more, 40 percent, said they distrust. That impact “trickles down” and is shown in the only 60 percent who said they trust their colleagues, the report said.

“From executive leadership, to team leads, to colleagues, we find significant and pressing opportunity for improving trust in federal organizations. Leaders at all levels must exemplify the stated values of the organization; employees should be provided avenues and encouraged to participate in building their organizational cultures,” it said.

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