Federal Manager's Daily Report

A large majority of employees of the Thrift Savings Plan say that overall their workload was the same or increased due to the pandemic, while a similar share said the pandemic had affected their ability to do their work only somewhat or not at all.

The TSP, with about 200 employees, released those results as data continues to emerge from individual agencies on the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey conducted last fall even though OPM still has not released government-wide figures.


The 2020 version of the annual survey contained new questions related to the impact of the pandemic, in which agencies put unprecedented numbers into telework status, many of the exclusively. The results will be used in mapping out work arrangements for the longer-run.

Only about a tenth of TSP employees said the pandemic was “very” disruptive to their ability to do their work, with slightly more of the remainder saying there was no impact than those who said it had “somewhat” of an impact. Meanwhile, only about a tenth said their workload decreased, while the rest were about evenly split between those who said it remained the same and those who said it increased.

TSP employees also gave the agency high marks on how it has handled the pandemic, in terms of communication, support for health and safety policies and ability to handle future emergencies. The “employee engagement index”—a measure of responses to questions about leadership, supervisors and the intrinsic work experience—rose from 70 to 77 percent positive.

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