Federal Manager's Daily Report

The administration has issued a “playbook” to assist agencies with implementing technology business management principles, one of the elements of the President’s Management Agenda. Those strategies and steps are, in the words of a summary on the performance.gov site:

* “Identify key players and stakeholders: An effective TBM program consists of business stakeholders, financial analysts, and IT and acquisition professionals. Together, this team drives change through collection, analysis, reporting, and informed review of IT data.


* “Determine current state: To understand what the TBM journey will look like for your agency, it’s necessary to understand current data collection and aggregation methods, financial systems, business processes, and models your agency already has to support TBM. No matter your current state, TBM can bring value.

* “Identify measurable desired outcome: Identify how your agency can deliver the right IT services for the best possible price as you work with stakeholders to identify priority areas to focus your TBM efforts.

* “Start aligning data: Based on your agency’s current state and desired near term outcomes, it’s time to start working with financial data. Starting from the bottom up is recommended – aligning financial data to cost pools before moving to tower and service mapping.

* “Look for insights: Now that you have started mapping your data, where does that data lead you? Focus on examining the data to see how it provides insights into issues or benefits around the identified outcome.

* “Rollout and adoption: Now that you have completed the first iteration of your TBM implementation, start integrating TBM principles, data, and value discussions into meetings and funding reviews.

* Keep maturing the TBM implementation: Assess your maturity and identify opportunities to maximize your TBM implementation.”

The playbook, created by the GSA and the Education Department, is at https://tech.gsa.gov/playbooks/tbm.