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Among bills recently introduced in Congress was HR-7835, the latest in a series of bills seeking to have federal agencies revert to pre-pandemic policies on telework until, in the words of sponsors, they “submit to Congress studies detailing how pandemic-era telework levels impacted their mission” and on how to “avoid the adverse effects of remote work.”

“The federal government’s expansion of telework during the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted Americans across the country and continues to affect federal agency missions. Using the pandemic experience as an excuse, the Biden administration intends to permanently expand telework for federal employees with no concern for the possible impacts on agency performance,” they said.


Also introduced recently was HR-7689 to return the Secret Service to the Treasury Department, its traditional home before it was moved to DHS when that department was created 20 years ago.

Meanwhile, the House Homeland Security Committee has approved HR-5274, to provide containment devices and training for CBP personnel to use them to prevent exposure to fentanyl and other potentially lethal substances during the course of their duties.

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