Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: Zivica Kerkez/Shutterstock.com

Large majorities of federal employees say they are more productive when they telework and feel more committed and more motivated, according to a poll that, while limited in size, addresses a question that many agencies are beginning to consider—what level of telework they should have once the immediate crisis of the pandemic has passed.

In a poll by the Eagle Hill management consulting firm, 70 percent of the more than 500 employees who responded said they are more productive on telework, 79 percent that they are now more committed to the agency’s mission, 76 percent that they are more committed to meeting expectations, and 70 percent said they have more trust in their colleagues.


Also, 68 percent said they want to increase telework versus 3 percent who want to telework less than they did prior to the pandemic.

“This research tells us that teleworking really can and is working across government,” the company said. “We’ve seen agencies trending away from telework, but the pandemic forced a rapid transition in the exact opposite direction. Overwhelmingly, employees are embracing teleworking and this may be a defining moment for how the federal government operates and serves the public.”

It said that key management challenges for telework to be sustainable over the long-run include “managing employee performance in a virtual environment and building a sense of community and connection.”

Also, “There is a need for more day-to-day clarity when working remotely. Forty-seven percent of federal employees who telework say they have a clear idea of what success looks like in their current role. Only 23 percent say they are receiving coaching and mentoring while teleworking.”

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