Federal Manager's Daily Report

With the next Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey just several months ahead, now is a good time for managers to communicate to employees how the results are being used, according to a blog by the Partnership for Public Service.

The posting noted that less than two-fifths of employees believe that the survey results will be used to make their agencies a better place to work, despite a longstanding government-wide policy to do just that. The response shows that many employees don’t make the connection between the survey and actions such as recognition and career development programs designed to improve employee engagement and satisfaction as measured by the FEVS, it said.


“When communicating your efforts to employees, highlight as much data as possible to emphasize that you have responded, and to show how those efforts have paid off to make the workplace better as a result,” it said. Ideally, senior leadership should lead out on communicating these efforts, so employees can see that employee engagement is a priority and leaders want to be held accountable for the results.”

“If leaders have tried to improve engagement, it’s okay for them to toot their own horn. That said, they need to be humble enough to acknowledge there is still a long way to go–if that’s the case in their agencies. Only through this process of leaders responding to feedback, communicating what they’ve done and genuinely seeking more input from employees can you start to see a change in engagement,” it says.