Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Army needs to improve management of its relocatable buildings, some of which have been in place so long that it would have made more sense to construct permanent structures, according to an IG audit.

In examining 83 randomly selected relocatable buildings on four bases, auditors found that the Army did not always ensure that relocatable buildings were used only in situations where one was required or interim situations; and continued to use structures purchased as relocatables to meet long-term requirements “without documented approval or a valid exit strategy.”

“As a result, Army officials continue to use relocatable buildings to meet long-term requirements that could have initially been met using more efficient methods below military construction thresholds, unspecified minor construction, or military construction. Additionally, Army officials’ use of relocatable buildings to meet requirements may not be the most effective u e of appropriated funds,” the report said.

Of the 83, 67 were past the original expiration date and most of those did not have a formal request for an extension on file as of the auditors’ work last year. Army officials said that one reason was that they were waiting on a comprehensive study of facility needs.