Think before Increasing DoD Jobs, Groups Urge

A coalition of government watchdog groups has urged the administration to “avoid any hasty decisions that would further increase staffing at the Department of Defense” as it follows its plan to steer more money to the Pentagon.

A letter from 15 such groups to DoD, OMB and the White House noted that “numerous studies across the political spectrum have identified reforms to the size and structure of its workforce as an opportunity to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations.”

Such studies–from sources as diverse as the CBO, the National Taxpayers Union, the Defense Business Board and the Heritage Foundation–have focused on potential efficiencies DoD’s civilian workforce. “The Pentagon’s staffing is ripe for a strategic review of the most appropriate and cost-effective workforce,” it said.

The letter further cautioned against increased contracting, saying that “while often justified as increasing efficiency and savings, shifting services from federal employees to contractors can significantly increase costs.”