Federal Manager's Daily Report

An IG report has called for tighter controls over employee leave at the IRS after finding lack of documentation and suspicious patterns of leave usage in some cases.

An audit of 50 selected cases of Family and Medical Leave Act leave found that managers and/or employees had not followed the required procedures in 44, for example, and the same was found in 24 of 30 randomly sampled cases of employees using emergency leave due to the pandemic.


Also, in a random sample of employees who had taken FMLA leave, the IG found that in 22 cases the employee had left the agency but management had not kept records for three years as required by that law.

The IG also “identified IRS employees who took extensive administrative leave, AWOL, or sick leave in conjunction with weekends or federal holidays.” For example, it said that in a 27-month period, 119 employees took 20 or more days of sick leave before or after a weekend, including 17 who took 30 days or more.

In addition, 91 took 10 or more sick days on days before or after a holiday, including nine who took 15 or more; during that period there were 25 federal holidays.

“IRS management could not determine if the leave was appropriate; however, the results show the importance of monitoring leave for potential misuse,” the report said.

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