Federal Manager's Daily Report

A new posting on performance.gov on the Presidents Management Agenda goal of improving customer experiences with federal agencies acknowledges that “those responsible for delivering services can feel like there is a lack of sufficient resources, talent, and leadership support to enable good customer experience practices.”

“While direct investment is important over the long term, there are also a number of low-cost, low-lift actions that can contribute to a positive difference in how citizens experience your agency’s services,” it says, including:


Identify and describe customers in detail to understand their needs; issue a data call across the organization to get a baseline of what data exists, how it’s being used, and how much is being spent to collect it; ask contact centers what top customer issues are, solicit their feedback and make visible changes based on their recommendations; get public input on your services, especially on new programs.

Also, review your agency’s priorities and think of ways that CX could fit into the agency’s future goals; research where customer expectations are heading; frame CX as an operational benefit, and let colleagues know they have the opportunity to lead as part of their everyday job by asking questions about how everyday implementation decisions impact the customer; adopt industry practices such as how online retailer provides an update on the timing of a delivery, or how a process informs you of what will happen next.

Also, recognize and reward employees for good CX behavior; communicate successes; encourage managers to consider CX skills when hiring new employees; take advantage of resources such as those through OMB MAX.

“Delivering on good customer experience is not a quick or easy proposition. But by taking some of the “small” actions above, you can get started no matter your role or budget. You will start to transform your program and even your broader agency’s approach to delivering for the public,” it says.