Federal Manager's Daily Report

The inspector general’s office at the EPA has produced a list of tips for those seeking information regarding that office’s work, advice that could be useful for employees of all agencies who may find themselves in career jeopardy due to an IG investigation.

It said that common IG documents that may be available through Freedom of Information Act request include:

* A report of investigation that summarizes the investigative work and is prepared for most cases that may require administrative action by the agency.
* A case closing report, which contains specific information about the allegation, the investigation and the final outcome.
* A memorandum of interview on an interview of a subject or witness and may include documents furnished during the interview.
* A memorandum of activity, which details a review (e.g., of a contract, file or report) or investigative steps completed.

Suggestions for requesters include: make requests specific and narrow, for example including case numbers and other details as possible; narrow request to specific documents, rather than requesting all responsive documents; search the FOIA database at https://foiaonline.regulations.gov/foia/action/public/home for documents that may have been released previously; and use that site to make requests.