Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Federal Chief Information Officers Council (working

with http://www.golearn.gov) has developed a career planning


tool for IT workers, called the Information Technology

Workforce Development Roadmap that helps prospective

and current federal IT workers educate themselves and

meet federal requirements to advance in their careers.

The tool is designed to help IT workers identify the

qualifications for the 10 GS-2210 IT Management specialty

titles and develop personalized plans to meet them. Those

titles include: Network Services, Security, Data Management,

Systems Analysis, Internet, Applications Software, Systems

Administration, and Operating Systems.

The Roadmap helps tech workers determine their strengths

and weaknesses to develop their career plans, identifying

where they might need additional education, or areas they

might want specialize. It will include career planning

tutorials and a compendium of federal training courses

related to specific qualifications that user feedback

will rate for effectiveness. Visit the site to learn more.