Federal Manager's Daily Report

A group in a Partnership for Public Service program has developed a toolkit to enhance teamwork among remotely-connected workers through exercises such as icebreakers, question-and-answers, game-like challenges and sample scenarios.

“As more federal agencies offer teleworking programs to improve work-life balance, teams that once sat together in the same office are now spread across the city, country or even the globe,” said an announcement. “Although working remotely has its advantages, one downside is that traditional team- and trust-building activities are designed for face-to-face interaction and don’t work well for virtual teams.”

The toolkit focuses on driving results, communication, innovation, decision-making, guiding change and vision. In tests involving three remotely-working DoD teams, “team members and managers said that with the help of the toolkit, their teams were more cohesive, gained insight into one another’s thought processes and learned to solve problems using online communication methods.”

Download: PPS teleworking toolkit