Federal Manager's Daily Report

The lead agencies in implementing total business management practices have issued a “playbook” stressing that, in the words of a posting on the CIO Council site, TBM “is not just compliance reporting – it’s about making good decisions in every aspect of agency technology.”

The CIOs of GSA and Education produced the playbook to share common themes about implementation of TBM, which stresses cost transparency, maximizing outcomes for innovation, and ensuring that IT spending aligns with agency strategy and priorities.


Key “plays” include: identify key players and stakeholders; understand the data collection and aggregation methods, business processes and resources the agency already has to support TBM; identify measurable desired outcomes; work with data to examine the trade-offs of IT spending decisions and their impact on the organization; look for insights in data to determine how IT spending supports the desired goals; help others in the organization become more familiar with the terminology, goals, and achievements of TBM; and assess its strengths and weaknesses and develop tactics to evolve.

Links to the playbook and other information about TBM are at cio.gov.