Federal Manager's Daily Report

A pilot project of training federal employees in data management, performance management and communicating with data has proven successful and holds the potential for wider application, according to performance.gov.

“Many full-time working professionals seek to sharpen and build critical skills around the use of data to solve problems and achieve mission goals. These practitioners recognize that the more government can collect, analyze, and lead with quality data, the better the results for citizens and residents,” it says.


The project, one of the three Government Effectiveness Advanced Research (GEAR) top prize winners of 2019, involved 18 courses offered over the first 10 months of this year, with more than 300 employees from two dozen federal agencies in the Kansas City area participating.

Of those, 49 completed three or more of the courses and one completed six, a posting said, showing there is “significant demand” for career development in those areas.

“There are promising opportunities to scale and replicate these data trainings, especially given new demands and constraints imposed on federal employees as a result of COVID-19,” it said. “As the federal government struggles to respond to unrelenting public health and economic crises, the use of data-driven decision-making is critical. And, as we’ve all been forced to become more comfortable with online activities and interaction, it’s possible that practitioners’ needs and demands for virtual professional development and engagement will increase.”

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