Although the Trump administration’s initial budget proposal came in only outline form, it does include an emphasis on government management.

“The federal government can–and should–operate more effectively, efficiently, and securely,” the management section of the budget “blueprint” says, citing the general hiring freeze that Trump imposed in his early days in office, restrictions on issuing new regulations that followed soon after, and this week’s order for agencies to scrutinize their operations and report to OMB in advance of a planned government reorganization effort.

“Legislation will be required before major reorganization of the Executive Branch can take place, but the White House is best situated to review and recommend changes to the Congress. In roughly a year, the Congress will receive from the President and the director of the Office of Management and Budget a comprehensive plan for reorganization proposals. The White House will work closely with congressional committees with jurisdiction over government organization to ensure the needed reforms actually happen,” it says.

“Simultaneously, the administration will develop the President’s Management Agenda focused on achieving significant improvements in the effectiveness of its core management functions. The President’s Management Agenda will set goals in areas that are critical to improving the federal government’s effectiveness, efficiency, cybersecurity, and accountability,” it says.