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coronavirus federal employees relief bill stimulus pay and benefits Image: Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

The House Homeland Security Committee has passed HR-903, to put the roughly 40,000 TSA screeners under the GS pay system, resulting in higher salaries for most, and apply to them standard federal employment policies in areas including the full range of collective bargaining, whistleblower protection and appeal rights.

The TSA recently announced that it would make many similar changes administratively but enactment of the bill—which passed the House but not the Senate in the prior Congress—would give those changes the force of law.


Meanwhile, recently introduced bills include:

HR-4632, to require the State Department to produce a plan to eliminate the backlog of passport applications within 30 days and to ensure processing time is 6-8 weeks for standard applications and 2-3 weeks for expedited applications afterward.

S-2431, to make mandatory the VA training that currently is voluntary on reporting waste, fraud, and abuse and to remove current restrictions on that department’s IG from contacting employees directly.

S-2551, to create a training program to help federal employees responsible for purchasing artificial intelligence technologies better understand the benefits it offers as well as the ethical and national security risks and benefits it poses.

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