Federal Manager's Daily Report

House Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis, R-Va.,

has written a letter to Admiral David Stone, Acting


Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration

asking him to ensure that TSA brings closure to employee

complaints, and reminding him that the committee would

continue to watch as screener management develops.

The hiring flexibilities granted to TSA, which was created

following 9/11, resulted in a lot of quick hires, but also

many complaints from current and former employees alleging

that TSA violated labor laws, and that it failed to give

out information about complaint procedures, according to

the letter.

It said it took into consideration that in the last ten

months of 2002, TSA reviewed over 1.7 million applications

and hired and trained more than 55,000 federal screeners,

at about 440 airports both inside and outside the

continental United States. “We …understand that a

complaint office was not fully staffed to take these types

of complaints at the time the screener force was in

transition,” said the letter, also stating the need for a

stronger complaint process.

At the same time the letter praised TSA for doubling its

Office of Civil Rights staff in response to the large

backlog of equal opportunity personnel issues, and for

offering priority employment to incumbent screeners who

reapply and pass exams and background checks through July

11, 2004, over non-current TSA employees.