Federal Manager's Daily Report

Pittsburgh International Airport screener Frederick C.

Schwartz won a settlement in federal court after filing a


suit against the Transportation Security Administration

and the person who disciplined him for engaging in union

activity while on duty, said the American Federation of

Government Employees, which filed the suit on Schwartz’s


The employee union said Schwartz and a group of employees

were told in no uncertain terms to disperse, following an

end-of-shift briefing and after having been dismissed —

and that later Schwartz was disciplined for conducting

union activity while on duty. TSA also forbids union

representation for purposes of collective bargaining.

AFGE said the settlement “compels Pittsburgh’s TSA managers

to take a class on TSA’s union organizing policy, and to

inform screeners of their rights.” It also said TSA

management agreed to not retaliate against Schwartz, and

also to remove the written discipline from his personnel

file, and to inform Pittsburgh screeners of their right to

engage in union activity while off duty.